Murray quickly builds strong relationships with teachers

Dr Murray Gadd was initially contracted by Balmoral School in 2011 to develop teacher pedagogy in literacy (both reading and writing, but particularly writing). the impact of this initial contract has resulted in our school continuing to use Murray’s expertise every year.

Murray’s deep understanding of effective literacy practice means that he can model demonstration lessons across our New Entrant – Year 8 school. He quickly gains the confidence of the students and is able to instil a love of literacy learning into the classes he works in. He also has the skills and knowledge to work with senior leaders in the school to strategically plan professional development and learning through in-depth analysis of student data.

Murray quickly builds strong relationships with teachers which enables all staff to engage in honest and open critiques of their teaching. Murray demonstrates integrity and respect in these relationships.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Murray as a literacy facilitator in any school.

Malcolm Milner, Principal
Balmoral School, Auckland