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Dr Murray Gadd is an independent literacy facilitator, teacher and researcher who works across New Zealand and around the world with school leaders and teachers on a wide range of literacy-focused topics.

Although he leads out-of-school presentations and workshops for teachers from time to time, most of his work is school-based and involves school leaders and teachers inquiring into the effectiveness of their work on student engagement and literacy achievement.

His research interests are primarily on ‘what is critical in the effective teaching of writing’ and ‘what can teachers do to enhance the engagement, progress and achievement of students as developing writers, especially under-achieving students’. He is particularly interested in, ‘What makes a difference for students?’

He is linked to the University of Auckland as an Honorary Academic. For the New Zealand Ministry of Education, he has co-led several school-based national literacy projects, written "Effective Literacy Practice in Years 5 to 8", coordinated the team that developed the national writing exemplars and worked closely on the development of the English sections of The New Zealand Curriculum.

He has also worked as a Senior Lecturer and Programme Director at a teachers’ college (Wellington College of Education 1984-1994), as a school principal (Clyde Quay Primary School, 1995-1996) and as an education evaluator (Education Review Office, 1997-1998).

He is an accredited facilitator of professional development and learning (linked to Vision Education) for the New Zealand Ministry of Education.

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Murray working with children

Here are some brief example videos of Dr Murray Gadd working with students. If you're interested in having Murray visit your school, please review the services offered and / or please get in touch