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Annual Membership for Online PLD

From: $39.99 inc GST / year

Building Excitement, Engagement & Achievement in Writing

This online Professional Learning Development resource provides access to the following:

1. Access to all Murray ‘Reads and Writes From’ video lessons​ (currently 43 +)

  • ​​Plus new video lessons added each new (NZ) teaching term (typically 3 per term)

2. Access to all ‘Murray Talks’ videos around the teaching of writing (currently 18)

  • Plus New Murray Talks videos per new (NZ) teaching term

3. Access to all Downloadable Teachers’ Notes / PDFs for the above videos

  • These supplement each talk or video

4. Access to a “Members Area” section

  • Add, remove Assign Managers to your school’s Team account;
  • Invite Teachers and your other school educators to join your team as Members;
  • Manage your Subscription, renew, cancel or upgrade your subscription;
  • Quickly view membership materials from your dashboard;

5. Free Access to technical support for your membership plan & Group users.


Additional information is available in the Description below.

Purchase Membership

Price Per School / Institution for Standard Annual Membership

All prices are in NZD, include GST and are payable annually in advance via credit / debit card.

NOTE: the person making the purchase (e.g. Admin or Principal) will become the Account Owner and will occupy one seat from the license – so we recommend it’s someone who will be using the resource (e.g. not office staff).  See “How Does Membership Work?” below for more information.



Building Excitement, Engagement & Achievement in Writing with Dr Murray Gadd

This Standard Annual Membership tool – developed around a long-term goal of students becoming motivated and independent writers who are able to communicate confidently, proficiently and with impact according to the purpose for writing and the intended audience – is based on a belief that teachers can make a difference for all students, regardless of their level of ability.

By purchasing an annual membership licence, schools/teachers will have full access to our video resources and accompanying downloadable notes which include:

  • Access to existing Murray ‘Reads and Writes From’ Video Lessons. These cover a range of fiction and non-fiction topics.  For each lesson, you can download / printable ‘Teacher Notes’ on how the lesson can be used within the classroom programme.
  • Newly published Murray ‘Reads and Writes From’ Video Lessons – released through-out the year, typically at the beginning of each new (NZ) term.  There are usually three per term: one for the junior school; one for the middle school; one for the senior school.
  • Access to existing ‘Murray Talks’ videos. These are all “teacher aides” on topics related to the effective teaching of writing.  Each video includes a detailed, downloadable ‘Teacher Notes‘ PDF.
  • Newly published Murray Talks Videos – released through-out the year, typically at the beginning of each new (NZ) term. All Murray Talks relate directly to the classroom and will be research and evidence-based.
  • Access to a “Members Area” section where you can manage your Subscription, add remove and invite Group Managers and members to your Group. See the FAQ for details.
  • Access to technical support for your membership plan.


Topics of the ‘Murray Talks’ include:

  • scheduling for writing;
  • writing purposes and audiences;
  • topic and task selection;
  • teaching approaches and routines for writing instruction;
  • writing instructional practices;
  • learning goals for writing;
  • assessment in writing;
  • writing across the curriculum, including role of genre;
  • making reading-writing links;
  • role of spelling within the writing programme;
  • ways of extending able writers;
  • working with struggling writers;
  • boys as writers;
  • role of oral language in the writing programme;
  • promoting self-regulation in writing;
  • teacher as writer;
  • the classroom writing environment;
  • use of writing tools;
  • making school-home literacy links;
  • approaches to moderating writing.

Written notes summarising the main points of each talk (as well as appropriate resources) and inquiry questions for teachers will also be downloadable.

Coming in 2022: PLUS Membership Option – an option to include Online Sessions With Murray

From 2022, we will offer an “PLUS Membership” option for schools to upgrade their subscription in order to access direct on-line sessions with Murray via e.g. Zoom. These will be in the form of two 60-minute live sessions with Murray (each year) to take place at a time and on topics that are mutually negotiated and agreed.

For example, these sessions could be used for: staff meetings; discussions with teams about student writing; or even interactions with students about their writing.

This is for schools that can’t get access to my facilitation as I hate having to say ‘no’ !

All qualifying membership subscribers will be notified when this option becomes available.

All of the above resources can be used at the school-wide level, team/whanau level, or individual teacher level, according to what licence you have purchased.

They can be used for purposes of professional learning, development and/or inquiry (probably led by a school or literacy leader) or just to motivate and engage school leaders, teachers and students.

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How Does Membership Work?

  • The Account Owner (person who makes the original order and payment) is responsible for the Membership Subscription and will occupy one seat from the license.  Therefore, we recommend that person be a staff member that will use the resource (e.g. probably not office staff ?).
  • Payment for the membership is taken on an annual Subscription basis, in advance, via secure credit card payment;
  • Secure payments we accept: Visa, Visa Debit, American Express (AMEX), Mastercard, JCB.
  • Invoice, direct debit / other:  Due to the complexities and nature of an on-demand, global subscription service, we apologise that we are unable to accept payment via any other method.
  • No Credit Card? Where no credit / debit card exists for your school / organisation, we recommend the Account Owner use a personal credit card and reclaim via expenses.
  • Membership lasts for one year and is automatically renewed unless cancelled;  Email reminders are sent one month prior to renewal.
  • The Account Owner can cancel or manage the membership & payment subscription from within the account dashboard;
  • The Account Owner can invite and remove Group Managers (e.g. heads of department or heads of teams within a school or organisation) and Group Members (e.g. individual teachers).
  • Group Managers can also invite and remove individual Group Members, up to the number of "seats" purchased by your group.
  • If more seats are required, the Group Owner can upgrade the Membership plan.
  • More questions and answers: Read All Of the FAQs available here