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Building Excitement, Engagement & Achievement in Writing

This online Professional Learning Development resource provides access to the following:

1. Access to all Murray ‘Reads and Writes From’ video lessons​ (currently 36 +)

  • ​​Plus new video lessons added each new (NZ) teaching term (typically 3 per term)

2. Access to all ‘Murray Talks’ videos around the teaching of writing (currently 16)

  • Plus New Murray Talks videos per new (NZ) teaching term

3. Access to all Downloadable Teachers’ Notes / PDFs for the above videos

  • These supplement each talk or video

4. Access to a “Members Area” section

  • Add, remove Assign Managers to your school’s Team account;
  • Invite Teachers and your other school educators to join your team as Members;
  • Manage your Subscription, renew, cancel or upgrade your subscription;
  • Quickly view membership materials from your dashboard;

5. Free Access to technical support for your membership plan & Group users.


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NOTE: the person making the purchase (e.g. Admin or Principal) will become the Account Owner and will occupy one seat from the license – so we recommend it’s someone who will be using the resource (e.g. not office staff).  See “How Does Membership Work?” below for more information.

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