An Overview of Literacy Services

I work directly with schools and other educational agencies at:

  • Lifting teacher knowledge about literacy and literacy teaching and learning processes.
  • Strengthening teachers’ pedagogical actions that research informs us leads to greater engagement and progress/achievement by students, especially in writing and especially for under-achieving students.  

This is often through classroom demonstrations, coaching sessions and practice analysis conversations linked to in-depth observations of teacher practice.

I also work at:

  • Assisting teachers to enhance the organisation and management of their literacy learning programmes through recognising the strengths and needs of diverse students as developing literacy learners, especially writers.
  • Placing all professional learning and development actions within a framework of school and teacher inquiry which monitors the impact of teacher actions on student engagement and progress: What makes a difference for my students, as individuals and cohorts?
  • Developing the knowledge and skills of school leaders as literacy leaders.  This includes being able to analyse and use school-wide data meaningfully.
  • Developing the understanding of parents/whanau in their role as supporters of their children as developing readers and writers.
  • Undertaking in-depth research with schools and educational agencies about the engagement and progress of students, particularly in writing.

My work with each school and agency is a differentiated combination of most of the above factors as planned collaboratively with the school or agency.

Talk directly with Murray about your school’s needs and about time and fiscal parameters and constraints.

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