I rank Murray as one of a handful of the finest practising educators in our country today


It is not often one gets to write a reference for a person of Murray Gadd’s esteem. It is a privilege to have been asked to do so. I have known Murray for 35 years, first at Wellington College of Education when I was training to teach and he was a lecturer and latterly as a principal after engaging Murray to provide professional learning and support. Murray is unparalleled in his professional capabilities. He has a crystal focus on keeping young people at the heart of his work. Many senior educators ‘talk the talk’ but Murray is that rare breed who… Read the full testimonial

Perry Rush, Principal
Hastings Intermediate, President-Elect New Zealand Principals’ Federation

Murray quickly builds strong relationships with teachers

Balmoral School Logo

Dr Murray Gadd was initially contracted by Balmoral School in 2011 to develop teacher pedagogy in literacy (both reading and writing, but particularly writing). the impact of this initial contract has resulted in our school continuing to use Murray’s expertise every year. Murray’s deep understanding of effective literacy practice means that he can model demonstration lessons across our New Entrant – Year 8 school. He quickly gains the confidence of the students and is able to instil a love of literacy learning into the classes he works in. He also has the skills and knowledge to work with senior leaders… Read the full testimonial

Malcolm Milner, Principal
Balmoral School, Auckland

I fully recommend Murray to all teachers and schools

Testimonial for Murray Gadd

Two years ago, my school began professional development in writing with Murray Gadd. Our goal was to improve both the quality and confidence of classroom practice and to accelerate learning, particularly for our boys and our target students. Murray is passionate about literacy. He is also clear and practical. His approach is to develop a high quality and effective writing programme that is highly engaging and motivating for students. His enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring! I left Murray’s professional development sessions with a clear understanding of what effective teachers of writing do, how they develop rich discussions with their learners,… Read the full testimonial

Nikki Mackay, Year 5 Whanau Leader
Baverstock Oaks School (Flatbush, Auckland)

Murray is able to empower staff at any stage of their development


I have worked with Dr Murray Gadd now for over ten years in three different school settings in his role as a literacy consultant/expert and mine as a school leader. These settings have included students from 5 years of age through to 15 years of age. Murray is someone who is always respected and well received by staff, students and whanau because of the depth of his knowledge and his willingness to demonstrate effective practice for students and teachers. He doesn’t just talk it; he does it! This is powerful learning that leads to rich and sustainable improvements in literacy teaching… Read the full testimonial

Fraser Hill, Principal
Rototuna Junior High School, Hamilton, New Zealand

Murray would be my first choice as a facilitator in the area of literacy

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It has been my pleasure to work with Murray in a number of different contexts over the past fifteen years. Murray would be my first choice as a facilitator in the area of literacy for two main reasons: his in-depth knowledge of this subject area and his ability to create change in teacher practice. Murray has great credibility and demands huge respect from all in the education sector for the work he has done in the area of literacy over the years. Through his research and publications, he has contributed greatly to our collective understanding of how children become successful… Read the full testimonial

Jane Hahn, Principal
Sandringham, Auckland, New Zealand

We have had the pleasure of working with Dr Murray Gadd for nearly a decade

St Joseph's School, New Plymouth

We have had the pleasure of working with Dr Murray Gadd for nearly a decade.  He worked with us to create an English Curriculum Delivery Plan based on very clear progressions and explicit strategies for effective teaching. Effective Professional Development comes from facilitators who can ‘talk the talk’ and then ‘walk the walk’. Murray does exactly this….he inputs and shares his approaches with the teachers and then models the teaching with our students in the classroom. There is nothing more powerful for educators than seeing effective teaching practice happening in their own classroom with their own learners. Our children and staff… Read the full testimonial

Mike Dowd, Principal
St Joseph’s School, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Murray has been an inspiration for all teaching staff

Testimonial for Murray Gadd

Over the past two years our school has been extremely fortunate to have Murray Gadd working with our entire staff to support them in the teaching of writing. He has been an inspiration for all teaching staff including; Learning Assistants, English Language Assistants and Student teachers. He offers practical ideas to truly engage children in writing. Murray is extremely knowledgeable and models for teachers on how to connect with children of all levels ensuring they are motivated and engaged in the writing process. With the PD focus on writing we noticed student voice in our reports showed a common trend… Read the full testimonial

Genée Crowley, Principal,
Baverstock Oaks School, New Zealand