Murray Gadd Literacy – Update Oct 2023

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Kia ora tatou Here we are in the fourth term of the year already.  Hope your October break went well.   Literacy Association Conference I spent the first week of my so-called October break in Invercargill, at the NZ Literacy Association’s Conference, aptly titled Lighting the Literacy Pathway.  It was excellent.  With 420+ attendees from across the country and seven keynote … Read More

Murray Gadd Literacy – Update Aug 2023

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Kia ora tatou We’re well and truly into Term Three now and I hope that things are going well for you.  As I write this, I hear that our Government is scrapping the last of our Covid restrictions and this is great news to me.  Educationally, we have had over three years of interrupted teaching and learning and I can’t … Read More

Murray Gadd Literacy Update April 2023

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Kia ora tatou You will all be back at school now after what I hope was a great Easter break.  I, however, am in Sweden deeply ensconced in my work for Stockholm University.  I have been here since March 20 and will be home at the end of May. I’m teaching courses about struggling writers, delivering public lectures on the same, … Read More

Murray Gadd Literacy Update Feb 2023

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Kia ora tatou Happy New Year to all of you. I must say that I was happy to see the end of 2022.  Although Covid only interrupted my plans in Term One (badly!!), it hung over us for all of the year.  I caught it in March (though only mildly) but spent the rest of the year wondering when I … Read More

Update on The Arts: February-April 2023

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For much of the past three months I have been in Europe (London and Stockholm) where I have particularly tried to take advantage of some of the glorious opportunities for theatre going.  But I have managed to fit in some great reading and viewing (both cinema and TV) as well…. READING I have read 8 works of fiction over the … Read More

Update on The Arts: April – August 2023

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Part of this time was spend in Europe; part was spent back in New Zealand.  Because life in both locations has been absolutely hectic, I have not been able to read or view as much as I normally would in a three-month period.  Hence 9 novels only, and a small amount of theatre going.  Mind you, quantity doesn’t align with … Read More

Update on The Arts: November 2022-January 2023

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The past three months have been a glorious opportunity for reading and viewing and have I taken advantage of them!! BOOKS I have read 9 works of fiction over the past three months and they have been a mixture of ‘the very best of the year’ and (predictably) a few books that haven’t engaged me so much.  In order of … Read More

Getting Boys Excited About Writing: Three Narrative Examples From A Year 4 Class

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Toward the end of last year (2022), Erin Neilson (a senior teacher of a Year 4 class at Selwyn Ridge School, Tauranga) contacted me because she was very excited about writing produced by three of her lads (James, Jedd and Liam).  She described these lads as “boys who always struggled with writing, didn’t like it, thought it was boring, handwriting … Read More

Writing Diary Entries: Year 5 Students Responding To Anthony Browne’s Voices In The Park

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Watching me using Anthony Browne’s wonderful picture book Voices in the Park as a catalyst for character writing, Sue Fennell (a teacher of Year 5 students at Lower Hutt’s Eastern Hutt School) was inspired to use the text as a way into diary writing by her students.  Sue loved the book; she assumed her students would love it as well … Read More

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