Getting Boys Excited About Writing: Three Narrative Examples From A Year 4 Class

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Toward the end of last year (2022), Erin Neilson (a senior teacher of a Year 4 class at Selwyn Ridge School, Tauranga) contacted me because she was very excited about writing produced by three of her lads (James, Jedd and Liam).  She described these lads as “boys who always struggled with writing, didn’t like it, thought it was boring, handwriting … Read More

Writing Diary Entries: Year 5 Students Responding To Anthony Browne’s Voices In The Park

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Watching me using Anthony Browne’s wonderful picture book Voices in the Park as a catalyst for character writing, Sue Fennell (a teacher of Year 5 students at Lower Hutt’s Eastern Hutt School) was inspired to use the text as a way into diary writing by her students.  Sue loved the book; she assumed her students would love it as well … Read More

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