Play based learning and junior story writing

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I was astounded by the quality of a set of stories written by Year 1-2 students at Merrin School (situated in Christchurch; decile 8; a high proportion of ESOL students) and asked the teacher (Jeanne Coker) how they had been motivated. Jeanne talked enthusiastically about the importance of play-based learning in their school and how she had developed Learning /Ako … Read More

Inspiring An Under-achieving Year 6 Writer

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Jimmy, a Year 6 boy of Samoan heritage, is currently achieving one curriculum level below national expectations for Year 6.  He declares emphatically that he doesn’t like writing and says that “It’s boring” and he doesn’t see “any point” to it.  So how do you go about inspiring an under-achieving year 6 writer? Chris Kell, his teacher at Ranui Primary … Read More

Stanmore Bay School: Reception Classroom

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Suzanne Francis runs a Reception class at Stanmore Bay School, Auckland and currently has 25 students in her room.  She gets a new intake of students at the beginning of each term.   In the term that her students are with her, she works hard at preparing them for the long-term literacy learning journey that they will embarking upon.  As well … Read More