On the Murray Gadd website, you will find a range of resources, some are free and many are part of a paid subscription package.

All of our resources are designed to assist educators, teachers and learning motivators who wish to ‘build excitement, engagement & achievement in writing‘ and are made with the belief that teachers can make a difference for all students, regardless of their level of ability.

They are developed around a long-term goal of students becoming motivated, independent writers, who are able to communicate confidently, proficiently and with impact.

Free Resources

We offer a limited number of free resources. You can generally find these listed in our free shop, there are also a few free video lessons available too.

Paid For Resources

Most of our resources are sold as products – either as eBook resources in our shop, or as part of our online PLD subscription package.  A lot of effort goes into these resources, which provides users with access to multiple quality video lessons, professional PLD instructional videos, along with the associated PDF documents.

Using The Subscription Resources

These can be used individually as needed, or followed in a structured manner when conducting a larger school-wide inquiry.

How To Undertake A School-Wide Inquiry Around Instructional Writing

Do your teachers need to undertake a school-wide inquiry around instructional writing?

This may be because:

  1. your students are not as engaged in writing as you hope. 
  2. Or perhaps because achievement levels in writing are not as high as you hope. 
  3. Or it may even be because you have not looked at writing PLD for a while.

We have developed some guidelines on how to undertake a school-wide inquiry around instructional writing that you can largely lead by yourselves. 

The guidelines include using some of the tools in the subscription resource.


Run Your Own School Inquiry

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