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Murray Gadd reads “My Teacher’s Secret Life” for Year 1-6 students

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This Video Lesson features Dr Murray Gadd PhD, reading “My Teacher’s Secret Life” (by Stephen Krensky) for Year 1-6 students,

This read-to session for Year 1-6 students focusses on some very funny thoughts by a young girl about what she imagines her teacher’s ‘secret life’ to be like.

This video was recorded and published during the October 2021 COVID-19 lock-down.


Usually, we ask you to share the video lessons with your class – either face to face in the same space, or via zoom / skype at the same time. The main reason for this is because we feel it is best used as a Teacher Aid.  We highly recommend that you schedule a class / group zoom session and share the video with your zoom group so that you can talk to it and provide first hand discussion topics.

However during Covid lock-downs, we know that some tamariki find it difficult to attend the classes at the time you are giving them, therefore making it harder for those students to be able to participate in the video lesson.

For this reason, during lockdown, for a limited period, we will make this video available to share via the shareable links below.  Some like to use YouTube and others prefer Vimeo which may have fewer distractions for students. We have made links available for both.

Scroll down for the video or click here.


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