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Launch Of Annual Membership for Online PLD Subscription Resource

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Kia ora tatou,

I’m very excited

After a lot of work and a few technical glitches, on Monday 10 August 2020, we finally launched our new subscription product called: Annual Membership for Online PLD - "Building Excitement, Engagement and Achievement in Writing with Dr. Murray Gadd".

Yay! I have geared myself up to this for a long time now, and it’s great to be able to finally present this resource to the world.  I hope you enjoy it.

For a very reasonable 12-month subscription fee (see pricing below), you - and if required, your team - will get VIP member only access to quality resources that will continually build and evolve.

What does Membership give you?


Access to 'Murray Reads and Writes From' videos

  • A set of 13 videoed writing lessons* that you can use directly with your students or to get teaching ideas from.
  • 3 new videoed writing lessons added each new term one on personal experience writing for juniors; two on character writing for middles/seniors. 
  • New lessons will be added in October 2020 and 12 more during 2021, all within the subscription.

* These 13 videos were originally developed during the lock-down period of the Covid-19 crisis and placed on YouTube - and have now been removed (except for 2 "tasters").



Access to Murray Talks videos

  • A set of 3 ‘Murray Talks’ videos around the teaching of writing
  • Each is a direct-to-camera talk by me on an aspect of effective implementation. 
  • The first three are on:
    • The knowledge that effective teachers of writing should hold.
    • The expectations for achievement that effective teachers of writing should hold and communicate to their students.
    • Principles of scheduling a writing programme
  • 3 New Murray Talks videos per each new term
  • Note that three more will be added in October 2020 and 12 more during 2021, all within the subscription.


Downloadable Teacher Notes

  • 'Murray Talks': downloadable / printable PDFs of teachers’ notes that supplement each talk, including both classroom resources and related research findings.
  • 'Murray Reads & Writes From' videos: printable page / downloadable teachers’ notes that supplement each video - these focus on points of classroom implementation.
  • These are all accessible once you have logged in, from the page with the video / talk


Access to a Members Only area

  • You can manage your subscription / membership payment information
  • You can add, invite or remove members to your Group
  • Group owners (bill payers) can add Managers and Members.
  • Managers can also manage members and invites etc


Access to help and Tech Support

  • If you or your Group need help we provide all access support.

Membership is based on a "per seat" license

As a school, you may wish to use this resource for professional learning and inquiry across your school.

In addition to the above features, you have access to a "My Memberships" section where you can manage your own members and users, to whom you'd like to give access to the resources.  You can easily invite or remove members from your "team".  We have put together a comprehensive FAQ section in case you need help - you can also access technical support for any issues or difficulties you may experience.

You could use the resources at the whole-school level, or at the team/whanau level or at the individual teacher level - whatever suits your establishment / organisation.

Teachers may also wish to purchase individual access to learn more about good instructional writing practices and inquire into the effectiveness of their own practices.


Individual teacher/purchaser: $39.99

School usage small (2-10 teachers): $190.00

School usage medium (11-20 teachers): $260.00

School usage large (21-30 teachers): $340.00

School usage large+ (31 or more teachers): $399.00


Purchase Membership


Have fun with the resource and use it wisely to build excitement, engagement and achievement in writing across your classrooms. 

I look forward to hearing your success stories.

Cheers, Murray